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Whale Watching in Fraser Island

Whale Conservation Advise

Whale watching can be a truly rewarding experience. It’s a wonderfully magical feeling when you get to watch these amazing creatures frolicking in their natural habitat. Both adults and children can learn a great deal more about these graceful animals if they observe them closely but in a respectful way.

The following are a few guidelines from the whale watching experts in Fraser Island. Keeping these in mind would ensure a truly interesting and gratifying experience.

Whale Watching Fraser Island

Things to keep in mind while whale watching in Fraser Island

  • Whale watching should be carried out in a responsible and respectful manner. The only reason why people go whale watching is to get to know more about the habits of these wonderful creatures. Acting in a way which is less then responsible can be distressing for these gentle beings.
  • Practicing caution and courteousness. It is always better to be careful when you go whale watching. Trying to get too close or interacting with the whales can put them in distress and could in turn be harmful for your safety as well.
  • The speed of your vessel should not be more than seven knots within a four hundred meter distance from the nearest whale.
  • The distance advised by the experts is about 200 meters. Getting any closer would create problems for passenger and whale safety. Many a whale have been injured due to a vessel getting too close for its comfort.
  • If the whale gets close to the vessel unexpectedly, it is advised to stop at least a hundred meter distance away.
  • Make sure you keep away from the path which the whales would take.
  • The viewing time should be limited to no more than half an hour. Avoid being too eager to stay for a longer time because this can be stressful and troubling for these gentle creatures.
  • Avoid the urge to swim with the whales or feed them.

While you are hale watching you may even get to see other sea creatures. However the guidelines for protecting these sea creatures is the same which you would observe for the whales. Keep in mind that these creatures are in their natural habitat and invading their pace could only cause them distress.

What should I bring on a whale watching tour in Fraser Island?

Though you might be provided a few amenities you might need to check out with the whale watching tour operator of what you can expect at the tour. However, make sure the following amenities are handy for you. These include

  • Some snacks for the kids and yourself. Some tours might provide lunch or refreshment but you need to make sure before hand
  • Sunglasses which can handle water reflection. You don’t want to end up squinting you way for the next two or three days. Make sure your eyes are well protected
  • Your camera and binoculars
  • Make sure you are dressed in layers. The weather can change pretty quickly at sea. Warm during the day and cooler in the late afternoons.

For the best whale watching tours in Fraser Island, make sure you contact a registered whale charter.