Pest Control


Tired of bugs infiltrating your homes? Even if you are one of those people who aren’t really scared of pesky little insects, having them in your home can be a cause of major concern. Insects like bees and wasps can sting and be a problem. Mosquitoes can cause illnesses and ants just get over anything which is edible. So what do you have to do to keep these pests away from your home? Read on to see the following simple tips which would help you bug proof your home.

Pest Control


Seal off the cracks and gaps within your home

Any cracks and gaps in your home are responsible for allowing the bugs to get into your home. You need to tighten up the space within your home. There are certain ways you can do it.

·       If you enjoy fresh air within your home, make sure that you install screens on all your doors and windows to let the air in but keep the bugs out.

·       Mesh screens work best and can easily be installed by calling in professionals.

·       If you already have screens installed, the bugs can still enter your home through holes inside those screens. In this case make sure that all broken wires are pushed back into place. Plus any holes can easily be covered using a plain coat of nail polish.

·       Reattach any broken wires as well.

Cut off the water sources

Mosquitoes and other bugs find a breeding ground in open water sources. Make sure you cover the water sources like tans to keep the mosquitoes and other bugs away. Any place where water pools over is an open breeding ground for bugs, make sure you get rid of all these. Also manage the drainage system of your home. Yearly checks on the drainage system can help eliminate instances of bug infestations.

Get rid of dirt and debris

It’s not easy to keep all areas of your home clean. But a home which is clean and dirt free is never inhibited by roaches or other bugs. Get rid of any dirt. Wash off the vessels as soon as you can. Do not let the dirt accumulate in your homes. Keep bathrooms free of grime by washing them on a regular basis.

Cover up all large openings

It is difficult to cover large holes within your home. Filling your chimneys or roofs with caulk is definitely not the answer. In order to cover these large openings without having the risk to suffocate it’s better to cover them with a very fine mesh wiring. You can either buy rolls or make it a do it yourself project or hire professionals to do the job for you.

Cover the thrash properly

Trash cans in home are an open invitation for cockroaches to come and feast within your homes. Make sure all the trash in your home is covered and disposed off properly. Prevent any spills by wiping them off immediately.

Are you looking for more ways to bug proof your home? Make sure you call Concerned Pest Control Sydney for professional advice in helping keep your homes pest free.